Ashfell Celestial Equilibrium looking for experienced Pilots! 1400-2300 EVE time

Are you an EvE Online Veteran?
Do you know the ins and outs of the game?
Are you the advanced player type?
Maybe you are getting bored of Corps that are going nowhere!

We are a knowledgable and experianced corp built upon a strong corp framework that holds space and structures all across New Eden!
We are looking for players that want to hold their own and show their worth to a corp that actually wants to achieve its goals of Nullsec and is working on doing so tirelessly every day in New Eden.

We also have a strong industry division backing our endeavours! Building and Manufacturing anything the corp needs, from Frigates to Capitals! Aswell as transporting it to the space it is needed in.

The Veterans of EvE that think they can benefit us as much as we can benefit them and want to join our Alliance recieve the countless benefits of being a Member of ACE!

We offer everything from a Leadership reward programm to a Ship replacement programm and many other extensive benefits.

We reside and operate out of Nullsec Wormholespace and Lowsec!

If you have any questions any at all feel free to ask, here or ingame.
Join our Public chat channel ingame: --ACE
If you are ready to join us right away send us a application and one of our Recruiters will get back to you ASAP!
Visit our webpage:

The Ashfell Leadership Team!
Fly dangerously! o7

We now reside stabaly in Nullsec and are still recruiting!

Thnx for the person that did join us recently!

Still recruiting!
If anyone has any questions feel free to ask them!

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