[ATCOS] Recruiting Pilots (PvE and Industry Corp in High Sec.)

Greeting fellow capsuleers:

ATCOS is recruiting new and old pilots of any skill level. We are a growing corp based in Amarr Space with a focus on PVE and Indy for now, although we welcome anyone who wants to join in on casual fun with a growing infrastructure. We are looking for budding miners, pve mission runners, anomaly hunters, and Productionist.

ATCO offers:

✪ Weekly Moon & Ice mining Ops.

✪ PvE content provided by Corp Officers in all aspects of PvE gameplay (IE. Exploration- Missions Ops)

✪ Not War Eligible

✪ Discord for comms.

✪ Established home in High Sec. Access to Upwell Structures.

✪ Friendly pilots who are eager to help train.

✪ EU & US

✪ Newbro & Alpha Friendly!

Want to chat? Drop by here:
Atlas Cosmographicae Recruitment or Eve mail me directly.

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