Ashirda - EU - Pve Fleets - T1 Cruisers

You like cookes? Well we haven’t gotten any. We have fleets though?

Running regular fleets, can always use more pilots =]

Took down a FoB yesterday, did some level 4 missions to close off the evening. Lurkers reach out! :slight_smile:

We are still looking for new pilots, we’ve grown rather nicely lately and we’re often fielding fleets of around 10 pilots!

As mentioned, we’re very open to new players. Please do reach out for a chat and we’ll glady answer any questions you may have.

Still actively recruiting =) reach out !

Open recruitment, newbro friendly! Join us

Are you a lone wolf and want to chagne things up? Want to fleet up casually? Check us out!

Today we’re having another Whatever Wednesday! Come join us, who knows where we end up today.

Recruitment is open! Check us out, come have a chat!

Friday means FOB Friday! Send me an eve-mail or open a convo!

We’re still out in space, having fun! Reach out to us and we can have a chat!

Tired of flying alone? Give us a try!

Still recruiting, let’s talk!

We’re continuing to grow as an organization. Come be a part of something where you’re more than just a number in a fleet!

Interested in joining? Let’s hear from you!

Almost daily activities are being organized. Come be a part of a growing organization!

Another day, another fleet. Are you up for it?

Running regular fleets, can always use more pilots =]

Convo me ingame and i’ll talk you through who we are & what we do and what our future plans are

Newbros welcome too!!

Looking for a corp? Contact Vexta Kurvory ingame and let’s talk.