Ashirda - EU - Pve Fleets - T1 Cruisers

Greetings recruit!

Who are we?

Ashirda is a high-sec based corporation looking for more pilots who enjoy small fleet PvE/PvP.
Our primary focus is fleet PvE in low skill requirement cruisers.

What do we offer?

  • Corporation funded T1 ships during activities
  • Organized PvE-centric activities in a non-serious group format
  • Frequent group activities around 19:30 eve time
  • Ore buyback program for those who enjoy mining
  • Experienced players available for guidance / advice

What do we require?

  • You are able, or willing, to work towards piloting a Tech 1 armour based cruiser. Preferably amarr cruiser. (logi or dps)
  • You are active in the EU timezone.
  • You’re comfortable with Discord voice comms during fleets and can speak English.

A few examples of organized fleet activities:

  • Wormhole PvE
  • Pirate Forward Operating Base
  • DED Combat Sites

For more information please reach out to Vexta Kurvory ingame. Send an eve-mail or open a convo!


Still looking for more pilots! Yesterday we went impromptu C2 ratting.

Yesterday’s fleet again took us to WH space, C3 ratting.

Sunday we have a moon-mining fleet planned.

Still looking for more pilots. Send an eve-mail or convo me for more information.

Feel free to reach out here or ingame for a chat. I’m always willing to explain who we are and what we do. Newbro friendly too!

Great group of guys!
Vex is a very knowledgeable player & fc, great fleets!

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Another day, another fleet planned. Join us for some small group PvAnything =D

Still looking for more pilots. New players are welcome too, you don’t need loads of skillpoints to be able to fly with us!

Today we’re going out to kill an FoB, join us!

Yesterday we destroyed two FoBs, we went for a pvp frigate roam to Black Rise and we did some relaxing mining to end the evening.

Join us!

Are you interested in small gang fleet pve? Send me an eve-mail or reach out ingame!

Taking down a FoB today. Join us for a more social eve experience =]

New & Veteran pilots welcome to join our easy-going group of people. Fun fleets too!

PvE fleet planned today. Join us?

Went out for a small roam today to check out the event pve sites.

Join us! =]

It’s FoB Friday, feel free to tag along no strings attached.

Convo me ingame and i’ll talk you through who we are & what we do and what our future plans are

Newbros welcome too!!

3 events planned this week. Feel free to tag along.

Looking for a corp? Contact Vexta Kurvory ingame and let’s talk.

We did some escalations today, next up we’re diving some wormholes. Convo me if this type of stuff interests you =]