Aspiring Indy mogul returning to EvE

Hello CEO’s, alliance leaders and corp recruiters!
I am returning after 2 years away from the New Eden. Before my hiatus, my toons ran a successful production chain of T2 ships. They can cover BPO research/copying, T1/2 production, mining/extraction/pi, freighter hauling, and endpoint market trading. I’m in search of an Indy corporation or alliance with a production wing that is in need of such skills. As I’ve been away for awhile, I know that some things in the indy landscape have changed and would like to apprentice with other skilled craftsmen, while I learn the new systems. I prefer hi-sec as I have only minor experience in PvP, but my last alliance was in low-sec and I can hold my own (I think) when needed. I’m not opposed to any specific region, Caldari, Amarr, etc. I primarily worked out of trade hubs on Jita and Amarr previously.

If you think I sound like a good fit within your operation, please leave a brief description of your corp, and I will message you about it. I look forward to finding a new home for my pilots.

Apollo North
Carbide Creations

Hey @Apollo_North,

We have just opened recruitment for Sicario Combine, we have access to both a LS and Null industry setups. We are part of a wider alliance which is steadily growing, and so we have a large population of toons that need equipment.

I would say that we may not be best placed to apprentice you, but we have access to a various people who love to teach and train all aspects of industry and it could present you with the opportunity to lead on our own industrial capabilities.

Feel free to give our recruitment post a look over.

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