Sicario Combine - Not War Eligible - Come learn and make some isk!

Sicario Combine offers opportunities for newbros and vets alike to come together, learn from each other, relax and make some isk.

We are a non war deccable part of TRC Alliance and act as the logistical, training and development section for S.I.C.O (full member of The Rogue Mercenaries, the mercenary arm of The Rogue Consortium)!

We are based in NS.

♤ PVE ♤

  • Incursion running with WTM FC & director - Learn from the best!
  • Mission running
  • Mining & access to daily moon pulls
  • TRU Training Fleets for newbros

♤ PvP ♤

  • Join in on almost daily alliance roams and activities!
  • Dedicated SC & S.I.C.O lead low & null roams

Our command team is relaxed and experienced. This is the place for bittervets or newbros alike to come together and enjoy the game the way it’s meant to be played, with no limitations! Come join today, get access to more content than you will need & some of the best instructors in New Eden.

We look forward to seeing you!

To apply you can search for Sicario Combine in game, drop me a message here in the forums and our recruitment discord is a grand place to chat, come and have a conversation

What we require:

  • Living Entity aged 18 or over (otherwise our humor and language could cost our RL jobs)
  • No minimum Skill Points (Alpha toons welcomed)
  • ESI Check (All of your toons)
  • Teamspeak/Discord interview

Think you would be a better fit with our PvP focused sister corp, they are also recruiting.

Still open and actively recruiting.

Going to have our own place to call home soon. Looking forward to seeing The Rogue Mercenaries new fortizar becoming available to us.

Seen a couple of you guys around would be interested to see if I fit in send me a discord link please

Evemail sent :smiley:

It’s the weekend!! Come and play eve with us!

Our recruitment discord is a grand place to chat, come and have a conversation

So over the weekend our parent alliance has taken another ihub. It was a fun engagement and the representation from The Rogue University (our alliance) was listed as one of the important factors in the success of the engagement.


I am a newish player returning to eve and saw this post. Would love to chat and see if I’m a good fit with yall .

Great corp name! Are you guys casual player friendly?

Hey @Noovic_Aumer, Please come join our recruitment discord it’s probably the best place to grab us and I would love to chat.

@Roz_Kahn, We are very casual player friendly. It’s a game not a job! Our intent is to make sure there are opportunities for you to do things when you are playing.

@Star_Shooter hey I have tried joining but it was just a temp invite so the link has expired . But would love to !

@Noovic_Aumer Thank you for letting us know. I shall update the invite links now.

We are consolidating into our NS systems as this is our main base of content generation and will still be actively incursion running to train up that situational awareness skills as well as the lovely isk that comes with it.

Sound interesting, then reach out on our discord.

We now have a Faction Fortizar as our home in NS and has been great to see our new recruits getting involved.

It’s quiet in Providence currently, which is helping us settle in and get our house in order.

While I look forward to the end of the NIP with Provi-bloc, now is a grand time to come and join us and get settled in.

I am very happy to say that we are settling in nicely to our NS systems, our corp is really pulling together and we have been pleasantly surprised by the Industrial side of the corp taking off quicker than expected.

We have also got our progression system in place, we will continue to improve upon it, and as it stands is a great route through from new player to someone who can actively contribute to the corps development and take advantage of the opportunities in eve that really interest them.

We are looking forward to the opportunities that the latest resource distribution blog will present, and even debating setting out and running an ‘industrial park’ in our NS system.

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