S.I.C.O - PvP opportunities and laziness

We are S.I.C.O members of The Rogue Mercenaries the mercenary arm of The Rogue Consortium!

Our directors are relaxed experienced players. So if you are looking for a place to learn the game, share your PvP experience, want to help shape the future of TRM or somewhere to retire and shoot poor people then this is the place for you.

In SICO we believe in opportunities and laziness. To quote our founder
“I want to do as little as possible but still earn a lot of ISK, eh Seth, can you get things going for me?” - Ace 2020

Our Corp Ethos
“Do whatever you want, we run a 0.1% tax and don’t expect our members to follow a strict plan. We do the occasional high sec merc contract, may be bashing, or fighting another entity. Or we might just go out on a fun roam every once in a while.
At the end of the day it’s just a game, we strive for no drama and lots of fun. Whether that be half drunk on comms bombing asteroids instead of the intended targets or roaming around arguing with angry Koreans, we want to do it without having to deal with drama, at least inside our own corp. Being pissy towards outsiders is a bonus and should be expected.”

So what does S.I.C.O do that might interest you?
We partake in various activities:-

  • Small gang PvP
  • Wormhole/Null roams
  • Big alliance fleets
  • Cloaky hunting
  • Station bashing
  • Always open to explore other content that members feel will be fun and/or profitable.

So come chill out, shoot some things and make some content! We use Discord and Teamspeak, although being active on voice is optional, except for fleets where you will have to at least listen in.

To apply you can search for S.I.C.O in game (don’t confuse us with The Silent Coalition), drop me a message here in the forums and our recruitment discord is a grand place to chat, come and have a conversation

What we require:

  • Living Entity aged 18 or over (otherwise our humor and language could cost our RL jobs)
  • 5M Skill Points
  • ESI Check (All of your toons)
  • Teamspeak/Discord interview

Think you would be a better fit without the hassle of ongoing wars, take a look at our sister corp, they are also recruiting.

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Recruitment still open.

We still want to talk with more people. Come find out if you want to fly with us.

Still recruiting and willing to chat with more people.

You, yes you… Come and consider joining us. It will be the most recent decision you have made.

Still actively recruiting!

We want you to find your place in eve. Come and see if it is with us.

The Rogue Mercenaries are purchasing a Fortizar, looking forward having our own staging site.

Ready for the weekend, time to fly ships and shoot stuff!

Had a social roam last night. Didn’t get any action, but was good for our members with less PvP experience to get to grips with the fundamentals of how our fleet roams work and art of finding a target.

Took part in some fun alliance fleets over the weekend just passed that lead to the capture of an ihub.

I also got to take part in my first BLOPS kill as an impromptu ending to a BLOPS training session and looking forward to many more.

Also got to increase the alliance income stream through some POCO bashing and replacing, not glamorous but a grand way to socialize with fellow players both in the corp and the alliance.

Would like a another pop at Provi if possible, I must be on at least 200ish kills against them. Not enough IMO :roll_eyes:

Then hit us up on discord - We had some good fun kicking Provi last night.

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