Asset Safety estimate question

Is there a way to see how much it would be to move stuff to asset safety?
I tried to run it through eve appraisal so I could see what 15% would be, but the numbers it gave were way off (plus the counting bpcs as bpos didnt help)

I suppose you could add up the estimated values of all the containers’ contents (bottom right hand corner of the inventory window), then multiply by the percentage cost. Unfortunately, I’m not sure if you can see the total estimated value of a container’s contents remotely.

I’ve only checked for BPOs. I had to pay 54 billion ISK in asset-safety, and it was the exact amount based on the NPC sell price.

For everything else, I suspect (zero proof) that it may be based upon a snaphot of the market at some previous time, like the cargo / hangar estimates appear to be.

You might try asking around the #technology-research:third-party-developers forum where the database gurus hangout. There might be an appraisal tool available.

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