Asshats in Derp Space - MINING/INDY/PvE

We are Asshats in Derp Space, a newly formed corporation founded by two former wormhole dwellers. We are looking for alphas and newbros to come and fly with us, and make our mark together in EVE. We are part of a growing Alliance that does just about everything in the game too. Lots of fun PvP content for everyone!

We operate mainly out of Highsec but we do venture out into the nearby Lowsec and Nullsec systems and WH space occasionally for all the fun we can get. Activities and services in the corp include:

  • Mining
  • Ratting
  • Mission Running
  • Anomalies and WH Exploration
  • Roaming in Lowsec and Nullsec
  • Bumping NPC Mining Fleets - for the heck of it (It is also a very good training exercise for fleet ops and aspiring fleet commanders)
  • Discord - Voice comms are compulsory for all fleet ops
  • Buyback Programs for Ore/Ice/Gas/PI/Salvage
  • All TZ are also welcome to join

We offer a fun and chilled atmosphere, and offer help and training to all newbros. Returning players are also welcome to join us.

Contact me Karolus Kaundur in-game, or drop into A.IDS Recruitment for further inquiries.

Pilots of all walks of life are welcome!

RL comes first in our corp! No space jobs, just fun. Recruitment is open!

Asshats still open for recruiting!

Bump to keep recruitment open!

Recruitment is still open!

Hey guys. We are still open to recruitment. We have alliance fleet ops every week!

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