Astartes’ Guardians - Every sprinkle on the doughnut matters

We are opening our doors again, come stick your foot in here!

What we offer:

A null based corp operating from Immensea

A RL comes first policy

A home, where everyone knows your name.


Industry opportunities that generate smiling faces, from newbro to Rorq pilots.

Access to any angle of isk creation you can imagine. From seeding trade hubs to ratting and everything in between.

An expansive network of corporations and pilots, all looking to progress and earn together.

Active EU/US TZ’s


Organized pvp opportunities, lighting the way to everything from F1 Monkey to FC Fleet training

Regular roaming fleets

Ship Fitting/Skilling planning assistance

Subcap and Capital content

What were looking for:

Industrialists building T1/T2 Sub Cap Doctrines

Capital Producers

Miners High Sec/Null

Reaserchers Developing T2 blueprints

Pilots willing to train into alliance doctrines ( Space defense & Roaming fleets)

What we Require:

Setup of ESI, using

Install/setup of Discord and Mumble

An understanding, that no person is a finished product until they are dead

Perseverance for those tough times

Join our recruitment channel for a chat “AG Recruitment.”

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