Astartes’ Guardians - We’re whalers on the moon, we carry a harpoon, but there ain’t no whales so tell tall tales, and sing our whaling tune!

We are opening our doors again, come stick your foot in here!

What we offer:

  • A null based corp operating from Immensea
  • A RL comes first policy
  • A home, where everyone knows your name.


  • Industry opportunities that generate smiling faces, from newbro to Rorq pilots.
  • Access to any angle of isk creation you can imagine. From seeding trade hubs to ratting and everything in between.
  • An expansive network of corporations and pilots, all looking to progress and earn together.
  • Active EU/US TZ’s


  • Organized pvp opportunities, lighting the way to everything from F1 Monkey to FC Fleet training
  • Regular roaming fleets
  • Ship Fitting/Skilling planning assistance
  • Subcap and Capital content

What were looking for:

  • Industrialists building T1/T2 Sub Cap Doctrines
  • Capital Producers
  • Miners High Sec/Null
  • Reaserchers Developing T2 blueprints
  • Pilots willing to train into alliance doctrines ( Space defense & Roaming fleets)

What we Require: (Not optional)

  • Setup of ESI, using
  • Install/setup of Discord and Mumble
  • The flexibility to conform to a best practices mindset
  • Perseverance for those tough times

Join our recruitment channel for a chat “AG Recruitment.”

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