Repz is recruiting all types of pilots for NS

Replicatorz are recruiting those willing to live in Nullsec. We cater for all types of players. However there is a 15 million skill point requirement to join). The ISK earning potential and content available in our space is limited only by you! We have all you require to get started in null, ship doctrine and skill trees to help you along your training journey.

Join our crew who will be more than happy to help you along the way, we are NEW BRO friendly We offer organised PVP, PVE, MINING and EXPLORATION.

For our PVP/PVE pilots we have doctrine ships readyfit with plenty of content available.

For our indy guys we have R64 moons to mine rorq/orca/porp boosted to maximize your profits making 100m p/hr.


Our perks include and are not limited to:

-15m skillpoint requirement

-Ship Replacement Program

-Ship Doctrine availability

-Competent Fleet Commanders/Frequent PvP

-Great PvE sites and isk earning potential

-Mining Operations

-Null sec mining and protection Orca/Rorq/Porp Boosted

-Moon Mining (massive earning potential up to 100+m per hour)

-Corp moons


-Blueprint Library

-Buy back program (we buy back EVERYTHING you don’t want)

-Jump freight services to Jita

-An active discord community

-Laid back community of newbros and seasoned vets alike

-Complementary exotic dancers available on request

*Pilots wanted!




Note: We are willing to help you grow and understand the game, and if you’re not new we need motivated and helpful people and are willing to have fun

Join our discord!


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join us

weekly bump

looking for pilots still join our discord and see if we are what you are looking for


still recruiting

REPZ with the boys +1 bump

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