REPZ is a Nullsec industrial corp based in Scalding Pass. We are part of the FI.RE coalition. If your looking to make some easy isk and hang out with a laid back crew PM for more!!

We are looking for US players offering the below perks.

-Daily R64 Moon Mining
-BPO Library.
-Nullsec Ore
-Lucrative PVE and Explo sites.
-PVP and roaming fleets
-Jump Freightings services to trade hubs.
-Active DIscord Community

-Requirements are
-15m SP minimum
-1 fleet participation a month

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Looking for players interested in a relaxed environment with ability to join fleets small-large.

-Discord Invite link fixed.

still recruiting

join us we are still looking for pilots

Bump, still recruiting. Looking for self-managed pilots interested in access to valuable space and resources.

Repz is by far the best Corporation I have gotten to fly with in quite some time. If I were able to play Eve more, Iā€™d still be annoying them. <3

10/10 would Recommend.

bump REPZ is still looking for pilots to join us in null

Good ā– ā– ā– ā–  worth the bumpitty bump

we are still looking for pilots to join us


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