REPZ is recruiting pilots for null

We’re looking for PVP/PVE pilots with fifteen (15) million skill point minimum. With us you will be joining a tight night team who are sociable and always having a laugh at the expense of our victims.

There are weekly ISK prizes for the most PVP kills for the week and making top 10 kills on the alliance killboard. (300m-1b)

We participate in roams, home defence and CTAS.

We live in Nullsec so there is plenty of unabated access to high level PVE sites that lead to high value escalations, Daily R64 Mining or scouting to make your ISK.

The alliance offers a Ship Replacement Program (SRP) for CTA’s covering your losses should you suffer any.

You will need to be self-sufficient in our space, we have a decent market and jump freighting service to Jita.

We offer:

-Alliance SRP program.

-Roaming/CTA PVP.

-Safe Ratting opportunities in Nullsec.

-Contracts and ships built to order.

-Daily R64 mining

-Empire Jump Freight Service

-BPO Library.

-Buyback program (we buy back EVERYTHING you don’t want)

-An active discord community

-Complementary exotic dancers available on request



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