Astero fit question

Opinion on fitting an Astero:

Is it better to use a DA II (and/or RA II)?

Or, use a Zeugma Analyzer?

The usual answer is the Zeugma as if frees up a mid slot. But, it also adds 200mil to the ship cost (bitter pill to swallow if it gets destroyed).

So looking for other options/ideas.


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You don’t really need the midslot for anything else but exploration modules. The Zeugma is nice as it has an even stronger tank than the T2 hackers but if you only want to explore, it’s not needed on an Astero.

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start by giving us infos about what you plan to do: explo? hunting explos and shooting them?
where? whs, hi sec, null sec…
and even more details: if explo, do you want to try to do superior sleeper caches or only hack relic sites?


Just use magnate or anathema +cloak with t1 or t2 modules. thank me later.

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Explore (meaning go to places I haven’t been before in the game) in low and null, hack data and relic sites I find, nija loot a wreck here and there as opportunity allows, then try to get home alive. :sunglasses:

I’ve been using an Imicus (sometimes a Probe) and done ok.
Just that I got lucky and won the Astero in Hypermart (yea, I know it’s a scam usually) so I want to use it.

If that is true

Sale it for good iskis. You are not ready for that ship. She need a lot of in-game and piloting skills. And knowledge is required too.

Why would you think I dont have the “in game” and “piloting skills” to fly basically a suped-up Frigate?

JayEm HighCastle | Character | zKillboard Because of this.

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Well thank you.

I’ll just sit in dock playing PD until you give me permission to take her out.

You can do whatever you want. But it is much better if you lose few magnates first. Or imicuses. Cost of that ships is much less then astero’s. But they perform their abilities in scan in the same way. Except covert cloak.

what true dark is saying is that you should not fly a ship that you cannot repay immediately if you loose it. t1 explo ships are quite good, cheap, for what you pl
an to do
according to what you said you wanna do explo. Fit a covert cloak II (can you use it?), a nullifier module, a core probe launcher+ sisters probes, relic analyzer, data analyzer, 5mn mwd, cargo scanner, damage controle, nanos, and rigs for scan stregth (gravity thing) and bonus to relic virus strength and go


Funny you said that. I had found a Cheeta fit on the Workbench site thats nearly identical to that description.

(And yes, I can use covert ops cloak)

if it is just for explo, yes the astero fit won’t be very different from a cov op fit. If you wanna do some pvp with the astero, then you have to use a different fit

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