Astero PVE

Is it possible to run DED 3/10 Serpentis Narcotics Warehouse with an Astero?

I am just about to have the skills to get into one and would want to try it out i HS before going after PvP.

My plan is to fit it for explo and take on the data, relic, and combat sites I find.

What HS combat site can an Astero take on?

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You can probably do all the racial 3/10s

How about the 4/10, or the unrated sites or what the are called?

Astero can do it for sure, it’s a little slower than other options but like you suggested, the utility and speed it can travel makes it worth it.

Probably not a 4/10 but I’ve never tried either.

You can, yeah, but why?
It also can blow up and is way more expensive than a T1 Cruiser, and it’s not really fun. Or do you enjoy jumping cloaked that much that you even do PVE in exploration ships?

On the other hand: After you tried the Astero there, may you try the Endurance? Sturdy little ship, should be possible too.

A 2 day old alpha in a 2m isk destroyer can run a 3/10 (I just tested this) an astero seems a bit overpriced, but yeah it’ll run it.

If you want to run 3/10 quick I would recommend a cruiser, a rapid light missile caracal just breezes through those sites.

is not the best thing to do … skill up and use it if you have GOOD skills for the ship and the fit you want to use … a Astero is a expensive ship for its size … normal T1 frigs are much cheaper to waste … take care


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