What is a good ship for PvE in wormholes?

Im wondering what a good ship is for PvE at Wormhole relic/data sites?
Im currently saving up for an astero but is that the best ship?
People keep saying different stuff and I just need a straight answer please.
Thanks in advance!

WH has two kind of exploration sites. With NPC and without. I seriosly doubt your Astero will survive sleepers in even C1 (easiest) WH. Cause I seriosly doubt your skills are that high, if you need that question answered. Check Gnosis ship, maybe…

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Thanks man! Ill start looking into Gnosis!

Yes, of course…because in EvE there is often not just one best tool for a job. So much is situational, affected by personal preference and many other factors.

Non combat exploration sites - Astero
Combat exploration sites - Tengu

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