Asteroid and Orca hit Box


Three weeks ago I bought an Orca, and went out immediately to mine with it.

After some time I realized something is very wrong. Larger rocks have such a big hitbox, I if I’m not super careful I get stuck on them.
The UI displays I am a couple meters away from them and my ship starts to glance off from these asteroids, but in reality I am something like 2-2,5km away from the edge of the asteroid. Not the center core of the asteroid, the edge.
This makes navigating in a belt very annoying, and it makes warping out very painful and the ship aligning is messed up constantly. Sometimes I have to mine my way out first if I navigate my ship into an unfortunate location.

Lastly this hit box makes mining large asteroids a real pain because not only the drones move very far away from my ship due to the asteroids large diameter, but in addition I am stuck even further away due to the hitbox of the asteroid.

So yeah…Thoughts?

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Orca was designed as an industrial Command Ship - the ability to launch mining drones was basically an afterthought added when they changed the boosts from system wide to local - requiring the ship to be on grid instead of safely parked behind a POS forcefield. In size, Orca is midway between a battleship and a capital ship - cargo capacity including ship maintenance bay, ore hold, fleet hangar and conventional hangar is roughly 800,000 M3 depending on skills and fitting - which is close to the capacity of a freighter. You have no right to expect it to maneuver in an asteroid belt like a sub capital ship.

Keeping your distance means reduced yield due to drone travel time and I expect this is intended.


I love Orcas that park right next to a large asteroid. That way, when I slam into them at 13 km/s in a Vagabond, they also bounce off the asteroid and really go flying…

Wich is a crappy mechanic btw. I’m not against destruction, but this mechanic sucks, there should be impact physics, etc.

You wouldn’t want impact physics. If there were real life impact physics, then I could instantly vaporize said Orca by slamming a million ton Cruiser or Battleship into it at 13 km/s. Not to mention most, if not all, of the ships at the Jita undock would be instantly damaged or destroyed upon undocking. Bumping is one of the few ways that we have left to deter mining bots and those who warp in to your Athanor moon field in a fleet of Orcas to steal all of your ore…

no i didnt meant REAL DAMAGE physics but speed vectors affected by mass and speed. its silly that a freighter has so much mass is bumped and takes 10x or even more speed from a collision from a ship with waaaaay lower mass.

Never expected to. But since the ship is slow and clunky, I do maneuver it by hand (meaning keyboard), because it is more suited in this scenario and I can make slight path changes to get the best position.
That being said, I don’t really like the fact that when I am charting a course then I am constantly glancing off from invisible walls of thin air, where the ‘walls’ shouldn’t be there but empty space.

Small and medium rocks are fine their object size are similar to their displayed look, but the large ones, have severe disparity between displayed size and actual size and hit box.

There is no question the destiny engine is showing it’s age but replacing it will be MAJOR surgery! An issue similar to what you’re describing, where the client and engine disagree on the position of an object in space was the topic of a devblog back in the dark ages:

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