Asteroid Belt Apocalypse [.ABA.] 0.0 Nullsec Corp Recruiting!

Asteroid Belt Apocalypse is a USTZ English Speaking Corp and are looking for Industrialists and PVE’rs wanting to give living in nullsec a shot!

What we offer:

  • We leave the outside world and its politics out of the game and would like to keep it that way
  • A great starting point to understand how day to day life in 0.0/Nullsec works.
  • Asteroid/Moon Mining with access to Arkonor, Bistot, Mercoxit, Pyroxeres/Coesite, Euxenite, Otavite, Sperrylite
  • Access to Rogue Drone Combat Sites
  • 0% taxes across the board
  • Great PI opportunities available to our members
  • Access to Jump Bridges to make your way around to the nearest inter-alliance trade hubs
  • Real life ALWAYS comes first. NO mandatory operations
  • Discord
  • No CTA’s or mandatory fleet participation. We know most people only have a few hours a day to play, and we will never demand our members dedicate that precious time to anything on behalf of the corp.
  • There are always people looking to be shot at in 0.0. While we are not very active PVPers, you are more than welcome to apply if that is your playstyle.

Who we’re looking for:

  • People interested in: Mining, Industry, PVE, PI, and [some] Small Gang PVP - not mandatory, it’s there if you want it.
  • People new to 0.0 space looking to learn and live in this environment. Please understand that living in this space can be difficult at times. As such, if you’re wanting to do some serious mining, you should be able to pilot a mining barge. If combat is more of your style, we highly reccomend a battlecruiser as a starting ship to be able to run the combat sites available to you.
  • People experienced with 0.0 looking for a new home. We offer a corp looking toward the future, of adding more stations in our system to mine the moons, to grow our corp through recruitment.

What we require:

  • While we are a very laid back corp, we have a 0 tolerance for anyone going out of their way to make trouble with our neighbors. Follow a few simple rules and everything will be fine.
  • Due to the nature of 0.0 space, we require background checks on all new members. This will require you to provide ESI keys to look over a few security concerns before accepting you to the corp.
  • Microphone and headset. After the ESI background check there will be a voice chat interview prior to you joining our corporation. We also mostly play without the use of voice chat, but there are some circumstances when it is necessary.

About us:

  • I have nearly 10 years experience in almost all aspects of EVE except WH/Lowsec. I’ve lived in 0.0 most of my time in EVE, and some time in Highsec. I’ve Mined, Built, Missioned, Ganked, and Roamed.
  • Our Co-CEO has been playing for over 12 years, the whole time in 0.0. He has been centered around Industry, as well as showing people new to 0.0 how to be self sufficient and to survive in this area of the game.
  • We currently own a Athanor we use to mine a moon in our system and reproc ores, but look to expanding soon™ to another Athanor for reprocessing specilization and a Raitaru to research BP’s (ME Research Spec) and build (Medium Ship Spec, Equipment Spec).

How to join:

  • Join in game channel “ABA-Pub” or Mail “Aldarr Mentakk” to get started!





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