Astrahus Farming

I see little floating around about this topic, which can mean one of two things in my mind at the moment.

A: its terribly profitable and easy to do and folks are quite about it as to not “ruin” the gold rush,


B: its terrible and nobody is doing it or somehow ccp broked it so no one can plays easy money no more.

I tried it out on sisi a while ago. Has anything changed? Any bragging or success stories you want to share? Feel free to share a little about what you found out when you attempted to setup an Astra farm.

Whats the best way to run an Astra farm? Using navy Maulus? bubbles? position or distance of citadels, do you still use the customs office? hows the AI on the drifters?

just for conversation sake. cheers.

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I don’t want to share.

With that said…it is extremely profitable.


And that is okay! I was dabbling with the idea the other day when I came across an old video, so that was the source of spark for this thread. Hopefully some will share “some” stories or tips, advice, etc.


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Spam wormholes until you find an unfueled Astra.
Check the Corp that owns it.
Check their KB stats.
Join their recruit channel to see if they are active.
If not. Attack battlecruisers and T3D work best. Make sure you have something to haul the loot and players that can fly the ships. 10 man crew is more than enough. More players help though.

8/10 won’t be profitable.
The 2/10 that are will make up for it.
Killmails don’t tell you the goodies.


Think he meant farming drifter BS with an astra not farming low-power astrahaus themselves…one is going to be fixed and is quite exploity the other is good money and a service to all…space trash needs to be cleaned up!


Yea, either way, I appreciate the input here! I did mean farming Drifters with Astra, but then, the idea of spotting out drifter farms and destroying them, can also be profitable I bet with all the shiny they keep in there lol :stuck_out_tongue:

BUT Im not YET into bashing other peoples stuff. Im still in the exploring Eve phase and have yet to begin the Meta game activity.

Im sure a change will come soon if CCP feels its accidental mechanic is a but overused or abused.

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No what I was talking about was old astrahaus that are inactive and left in a low-power state. If timed correctly you can bash shield then structure rather close together time wise…and there is no asset safety in WHs. Within 48-72hrs one can be dropped by a rather small force even, if you gain hole control, and the loot could range from nothing to literal billions in items/blueprints/fully fit ships/basically anything one might store in an astra.

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If you want a little idea of citadel bashing, and can give you mine ^^
It’s the only time I did it, but damn I loved it. The corporation I’m in found a LOW POWER Astrahus in an abandoned wormhole. The corporation had apparently moved out to null or simply totally lost their way, but here where we, with three RR Dominixes and me in a autocannon fitted Gnosis. After the citadel blew up, I thinked it only dropped the citadel wreck, but boom, seconds after there was jetcan popping everywhere.

I was the one to salvage the wreck (only doing so gave me 140mil in salvage) and to scout the cans, how happy was I when I found two of them with loot worth over 2 billions each !

It’s the first time I reached the billion ISK mark, and now I’m training for Tornado on my main, Oracles on two alts and Ishtar on the Gallente alt to maybe attack fueled citadel.

It’s really a fun activity, even if there wasn’t any form of defense.

The killmail : Astrahus.

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Yea I can understand! :slight_smile: I had been hunting for specific wh ids, and came across one of my targets, was wanting to set up a temp home. mind you this is a c4… but um yea, there was a low power citadel in there. Debated on taking it down and dealing with the locals till I chased, tricked, rolled them out. the PI there was ideal till I realized one little detail and decided its not worth all the work, to take that wh. so we let it go. but was wondering, what would be inside of those, left for ratting holes etc… yea. good on you for taking the chance and im glad it worked out in your favor!

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