Stellar fleet deployment site info

looking for information on the stellar fleet deployment sites in the minor victory systems. The only info i can find is from when the invasions first started.

if you run them do you do it solo or in a fleet? if you do it in a fleet what sort of fleet do you use.

i know about trig standings we already hunt trig wormholes.

Did you fin out much as I am keen to try them

nope found out 0 gave up on the trig content completely .

you try farm the frigs at a wormhole and you get the little salvage scabs with positive trig standings that come in the cheep frigs you can’t shoot at (without concord) that salvage as you go so you get 0 and they have no bounty if not at the wormhole.

You fly something bling enough to solo any of the content you get non stop gank attempts (no shade on the gankers do your thing just makes the risk vs isk not worth it)

Its not enough isk to convince people for a fleet and people don’t want negative trig standings as it makes it to hard to move in high sec

So Dead content until fixed or you can find a way to counter the scabs and gankers to make it worth the isk vs risk not there at the moment

stellar fleets are different to the wh ones. Rach out in game and I will let you know what I plan to do. It might not work and you bound to lose some cheap ships :slight_smile:

I know they are different to the wormhole ones just saying the trig content as a whole is more effort and setting up than reward gained just my opinion

as for getting inContact in game with all the changes in eve since last time I played they have killed all the content I enjoyed or the salvage scabs are all over it like flies so voting with my wallet and not playing will check back in a year or so maybe there will be something to interest me then