Best solo citadel for wormholes

hello everyone. need advise of experience wormhollers, especially the ones that are on the attacking side

please advise. what target you would find more lucrative to kill when you come into a new wormhole

  1. solo astrahus
  2. solo tatara (reasoning for tatara - extra timer and close to same defendability as an astrahus)
  3. astrahus + tatara with different timers

i am looking for the safest setup to do some minimal industry in the wormholes and trying to evaluate the safest path here.
please explain your reasoning if you decide to take spend your prescious time with helping me with an advise

I cannot in good faith LEAD YOU to believe a citadel will KILL an attacking force. Literally all citidels deal like 1.5k DPS… My kronos can deal 4k DPS! Put that into perspective! Citadels do not do much damage and any force with some basic logi can easily out tank what a tatara and astrahus can do.

You are also forgetting CORE cost/volume and how to get it in the WH in the first place. tatara’s require a freighter/orca to haul in last I remember. Pretty much from c3 and onwards is pretty crowded.

You have better chances of doing WH pi in a c1 system solo.

You may think you found a dead WH and you likely have for 2-5 months. Eventually a roaming fleet will come and attack because they can.

Go with least ISK investment because anything you put down will be destroyed as you state your solo. It’s a lose lose situation for you no matter how you look at it and factoring in the risks of high level WHs

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I thought the Meta for solo players was putting up dick sticks instead of citadels as citadels by solo people are free kills in WH (if attackers can be bothered).


No citadel is even remotely defendable by a small group (or solo player with some alts). They outright suck in Combat and can easily be tanked completely by any slightly competent gang.

Sry, but CCP does not want solo guys or small groups owning structures without permission (and protection) from some big landlord. Use a Large POS armed to the teeth with everything that makes shooting it as boring and time consuming and nerve-killing as ■■■■. Jammers, dozens of them. Damps. Tackle. Hardeners. Aim for like 100 Million eHP to shoot and 20+ Jammer Batteries to reduce incoming DPS. Nobody will attack that except you have provoked him hard or he seriously wants to claim that hole.

If you need to do reactions in there, use a disposable Citadel and only do jobs that are a few days long, so you don’t lose much materials when an attack happens. If it blows up, it blows up, don’t even bother to defend it, grant the attackers as little loot as possible. Depending on the number of Jobs you run it will pay off pretty quickly.


thanks guys for a detailed and thorough response. i do understand that small groups cannot defend themselves, and we do have a dickstar pos placed in the same system.

so, if i understand correctly, for the random non-motivated attacked there is no difference between astrahus and tatara, and even the extra tatara time will not fend the attackers?

i already consider all structures in wh disposable and with the minimal fitting as possible ofcourse with freighter to pack all inside in case it gets destroyed. that’s no problem with me.

please advise, is there any point of amount or level of structures, where the attacked wont be bothered to attack at all?

like 2 med citadels and a pos for example? is there a point, where the effort for a random eviction is too high for a random group?

i mean i wouldn’t bother to attack a dickstar + 2 citadels just for the cores wasting 3 timers of my game play time to freeze characters in some random hole, but that is just me. people here are very weird sometimes

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Timers have no bearing on motivation.

Actually, if they scout and observe there is little activity it WILL give more reason to attack vs 1 structure.

This is the realm of guessing what might happen. Assume once they attack, they are committed until otherwise deterred/repelled. Many people in WH groups like a scorched earth policy when it comes to citadels. Never know what might drop!

Sometimes there is no logic to people who live in WHs. Their minds are warped, and they really do it for the sake of a raid. I don’t even want to divulge directly what I am involved in as there are some people that for the sake of my sanity and my bottom line I do not want to encounter.

Loose lips can really sink ships when it comes to WH space!

thank you for your kind reply

so far i’ve understood that for a small group the best option is 2 citadels (1 for refining the matts to go out and 1 for storage and fleet) is the best option. taking into account we already have a dickstar pos in the system for evacuation purposes

I also understood that tatara as a refinery is not good choice because of the core and a bigger killmail and the extra timer does not provide any deterrence effect

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any other wormhole small group tips you can share, especially would appreciate is someone from the in general attacking side could share their reasoning process and advise me how to make my place less likely to be wiped?

Do not produce bling-killmails in your hole. If people realize you are farming with 5B Marauders or an Impel with 10B reaction mats gets blown up, someone might come to the idea that is worth it knocking on your door. They might just blow up your Citadels out of curiosity what might drop.

Teach your members to act nicely, don’t have bigmouths create problems for your while they feel safe under tether just because the two Lokis can’t touch them. The two Lokis might become 30 Sleipnirs quickly if you poke the wrong guys.

Don’t anchor a Fortizar. It creams “we have caps in here!” and some people might just want to find out how many and how to turn them into nice killmails.


I can confirm this through personal experience. Last group we delt with were under strong impression capitals were being involved.

Bigger stations = capital involvement in WHs. Capital involvement = unfriendly guests.

decent advises, thank you

what do you think about tatara? does it look lucrative for random gang?

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Large stations = big ISK party for evictor. = Death
Everything pretty much hashed out here :slight_smile:

Yeah, the Random Gang will not directly assault a Tatara, but they will report it back to their friends. Especially if the Tatara is owned by a rather small group that looks unaffiliated (aka not under protection) of one of the big WH players. Or in short: Anchoring any L-Size Citadel as a solo or small corp in a WH is a death sentence. Someone will burn them down long before you can make profits with them.

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understood. please tell if there are any WH alliances comprised of random corps of entities the team up for the mutual defense of their wormholes. if there are please direct me how to contact them) thanks

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