Astralis Agora - Indy Start Up in Sansha LS/HS

Astralis - Latin for Astral/Space/Star
Agora - Greek for Marketplace

Put them together and here I am offering some kind of space market, manufacturing themed corporation.

If you’re looking to learn about industry and manufacturing EVE Online without being handed all the shiniest structures, perfect refineries and access to everything you might ever need, then Astralis Agora may just be for you!

What we’re offering is the chance to contribute to something from day one and build a corp to our liking instead of being another name in a giant group.

What we’re currently doing

  • Low Sec Gas Mining
  • Identifying profitable markets
  • Buying materials and manufacturing items for profit (yes. you can make profit without mining!)
  • Blueprint research/copying

Where are we

  • Few Jumps from Amarr!

We’re currently based jut a few jumps from Amarr in NPC stations and make extensive use of public structures for research and reactions but are anchoring structures in a pocket of space. It’s all go here.

Do I need to PVP?

  • At some point you will, this is EVE and you shouldn’t avoid it, but our focus is mining and manufacturing.

The one and only PVP requirement (or requirement to shoot anything!) is in the case of a war declaration and our structures need to be defended. Otherwise, we are laser focused on the production of goods and ISK!

Do I need to PVE?

  • No

But, feel free to do any content you like. Industry and manufacturing can be a passive exercise and not something you dedicate every and all of your play sessions too. You’ll also learn that acquiring the materials yourself can be more profitable and fun… but our main focus is production.

Can a brand new player join?

  • Yes! Industry level 1 and you can be manufacturing for profit!

Are there taxes?

  • Yes, currently a flat rate of 7% on everything

We don’t currently have any structures/services to collect tax from but once we deploy a manufacturing factory the tax will be paid on jobs. This tax is lower than using an NPC station and we will position the structure such that the total System Index Cost plus Corp taxes are always less than NPC stations and considerably less than public structures close to market.

Taxes fund fuel costs and allow us some liquidity to take on larger customer orders as a group!

Where can I find you?
In game channel: Astralis Agora
Discord: Astralis Agora

Bump! Still looking for people with an interest in production and industry!

Bump. Still looking for people!

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