Asylum. High/Low Corp Looking for Pilots of Any Kind

Asylum. is looking for new members to help grow its ranks. We are a smaller corp. on the edge of low comprised of laid-back but active individuals who seek to have fun and grow our presence in New Eden. Whether you’re a brand new player or a grizzled veteran, Asylum. has all kinds of learning opportunities and has access to content fitting players of every role. Come join the MADD House!

We Offer:

  • Newbro / Alpha friendly environment

  • Daily PvP content and training

  • Access to mining fleets

  • Access to manufacturing

  • PvE fleets

  • A laid-back and friendly community

  • TS3 + Discord

  • A chance to grow with a smaller and rapidly growing community

Have any questions?
Join MADD House and speak to a recruiter.

Still recruiting

Still recruiting

Still Recruiting

When can i join you? I will be on in roughly 16 hrs. invite to discord?

We can get you in next time youre online! I when ahead and send you an in-game mail with some of the details. Hope to hear from you!

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