Need a Mad House... Or a Corp

Very new player looking for a corp. About 4 mil skill points in. I’ve been watching Eve videos for a long time so I have a slight idea what to expect going into this game, not gonna to quit after a week. I’m looking for:

A corp that is active (2/3 active within the last 2 weeks)
Over 25 members
Null or Low sec

I’m a rookie fighter but my focus is mining at the moment. I don’t mind guidance, I love constructive criticism, and if there is a set doctrine or a few types you primarily use, I’d love to learn. As there is no way for someone to guide me in person, I prefer to just try it out. If I fail, it’ll be a better lesson then holding my hand. Looking forward to playing with you Ladies and Gentleman.

Epveen Amatin

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