Asymetrical Skins (?)

Sooo… i just noticed the abaddon imperial SKIN isnt symmetrical - its a bit too far to the left. Anyone ever noticed something like that (on other hulls too) maybe?


That is unacceptable!

Everyone knows that the Amarr Empire always leans far right.


Nonsense! The two last Emperors didn’t hang neither left nor right! As much, they would be split on the matter.

Maybe the art guy who does the skins got in a hurry?

This is not the only one. I suspect it had to be symetrical, but someone was too hasty with releasing them.

Usual CCP “quality control”. Nothing to see here.

"Only the divine Lord can be perfect,
And no man may claim to perfection.
And thus, for fear of the wrath of the Lord,
No Super Kerr-Induced Nanocoating shall be made
Perfectly symmetrical."
Amarr Scripture, Book II 42:42


That is funny

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