Request: Redesign some Amarr Ships

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Can you art guys please rework the models of amarr battleships and battle cruisers to be more triangle in shape like the rookie ship, and prophecy? these designs are excellent, and the shape of the amarr battleships make them look sexual, or boxy in nature.

Thanks for your time.


The whole thing about the Amarr is that they take a “if it ain’t broke” approach to development and ship design. The Frigates of New Eden book claims the average chassis age of ships in the Imperial Navy is 63 years, with as much as 20% of the fleet being out of commission for refitting or repairs at any one time. lol

I agree with you that the Impairor is one of the sexier ships (too bad its a rookie ship), in the game, but the Prophecy could stand to lose a few pounds.


The Apocalypse and Abaddon already follow the Prophecy and Impairor design philosophy with the beaks and roundish elements. The Harbinger tries to but fails in my opinion and could definitely get a better model than this attack helicopter imitation. I don’t know whether I want to look forward to a remodelling of the Armageddon.

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both the prophecy and impairor are awsome designs, more designs like them would be great. The other battleships are basically shapes. A rectangle, or a box, and its hideous.

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The amarr ships in general are the best looking in the game, although that carrier…

Anyways, no.

I like to think that the Imperial Navy’s strategy with the Aeon is to line them up sideways as a sort of space-wall.

It’s the only way the thing makes any sense.

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