Future Ship designs

There have been alot of new ship designs for the caldari. They look great, but they seemed to have stopped.
When will they start to be introduced again.
Give the Amarr some love :slight_smile:
Omen and Curse I would love to see new designs for.
It’s exciting to see new ship designs.


New ship designs are mostly nice, but … The badger doesn’t look like a freagin badger … the new tristan kinda sucks, the old one was way better.

Also, I would much rather have a Triglavian Assault Cruiser and Assault frig over redesigns.


How many more times we have to shout: Imicus! or Catalyst! or Bellicose! or Armageddon!

I think these would be just current hulls for cruiser and frigate, maybe with a few more pointy bits tho. Continuing the trend of reusing the designs of corresponding hull class. Also the idea would really have to come out from game design team.

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Bellicose / Rapier / Huginn

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Then you are mistaken my dear. The Rovida and Zarmazd look apart very distinctively.

In which universe, the only difference i can see is the fins on the front being slightly different, the actual bulk of the hull is otherwise identical


Well… the old Badger would have looked like a Badger a bit if it had some more of what could resemble “paws”. The new Badger sucks cause it looks nothing like a Badger.

And look at the Blackbird which is no longer a bird.

Or the Rattlesnake, it doesn’t looks like a snake… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

More design crimes for that the designer should be caged in a box with not less than 2 angry porcupines like the badger?

No thanks…

yes indeed… and assault bc to would be nice.

more redesignes please

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More redisign rerolls to the old ships please…

More re-designs plz

I’d like to see the option of killing your enemy, peeling the skin off of his/her face and wearing it as a ship skin.™

When Sansha ships, with all their cutlery, became available we begged CCP to let us impale frozen corpses on them.
That and the incursus.

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I completely understand, I am constantly dissapointed that the Gerald R. Ford class aircraft carriers look absolutely nothing like a president, 38th or otherwise.