At Bootstrap Mining we believe in a healthy work-life balance for all our colleagues

We recognise that with partners, demanding jobs, university exams or children our members have demands in Real Life™ which means they cannot commit to highly scheduled and regimented work schedules with us.

Our corporation is currently growing and focussing on some exciting new goals in both high sec and wormhole space which will suit the needs of members with any amount of time.

  • There is no minimum hours / kills requirement in Bootstrap so members who cannot commit to specific hours each week will not find themselves languishing at the bottom of the corporate ladder - the important thing is to join in and have fun when you can!
  • We run corporate operations on a strictly optional basis, and encourage these to be member-led rather than centrally directed
  • Our employee charter explicitly supports the need for members to go AFK or drop off at short notice when Real Life™ requires
  • We also recognise that for a number of reasons some members are not able to participate in voice comms
  • We are primarily a UK/EU based corp, with some US, although we are glad to welcome members of any nationality
  • We are happy to train new players and have a variety of experience levels within the corporation

As part of our background checks, an account level API key will be required. References will be followed up with previous corporations. We apologise for the intrusiveness of these checks but they are required to keep all our members safe.

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