At Bootstrap Mining we believe in a healthy work-life balance for all our colleagues

OK you did that.

Good job. Well done.

Now, how about 7th?

Are you guys still Looking?


We can get to 6th. I know we can. With your help…

Roll up! Roll up!

After a 10 week closed period to deal with our last, large intake of new members our recruitment is now open again!

And I’m pleased to say that we’ve opened a new high security war immune corp

You can apply there at

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OK I’m impressed! You actually did roll up. Quite a lot of you!

But don’t worry! We have room for all of you

I mean it might be welded to the outside of the ship but I promise we will find you a seat…

To clarify the point I’m asked the most, we have 2 corps and if you’re interested you should apply to the one you feel suits you best but joining either allows you to take part in joint operations and allows you to switch later it you wish

If you want to operate in hisec, are a new player, or aren’t sure, then you should apply for Bootstrap High Sec at
This will ensure you join a war immune corp which will increase your safety in hisec

If you don’t want to operate in hisec then you should apply for Bootstrap Mining at but you should be aware we are frequently subject to random hisec wars so this is the best corp for those who don’t plan to visit often and we may be at war when you join

Hey! Welcome back!

Looking for a corp you say?

Well… null sec ( or high sec (

We can help you with either!

Whatever they grease these forums with I want some for our Ventures!

Think how much more easily they will fit in an overcrowded hangar if they move as easily as these posts do

It will be like glorious Venture ice skating…

With twisted metal, wreckage and some explosions

Oooh I hope the grease is flammable too!

It’s a beautiful sunny day (here at least). Don’t risk sun burn - join a new corp and stay safely in your pod!

If you’re reading this then I have good news for you, you’re just one click away from being just one click away from joining one of my favourite corps on New Eden…

stuck in a war with Frat etc, cloaky campers in all our systems - can’t rorq mine or carrier rat - may be looking for a new home as quiet industry for corp/alliance members is my thing.

You’d be most welcome with us - I know how annoying that can be!

Nowhere is immune of course but we live in NPC null which is less appealing to the sov blocs and I hope we would be a good fit for what you’re looking for

It has been 11 days since our last Venture loss

That is probably a record

Join us and help fix that!

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Poll time!

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Come on! Get voting!

It’s Friday and that means you’ve got a whole weekend ahead of you to get moved in if you join us now…

We are still looking for fearless pilots who are prepared to undock despite the blackout and get on with what needs to be done, knowing that it is probably here to stay and that others won’t so prices will rise, or to form counter strike fleets for anyone unfortunate enough to take the bait

Do you own a spaceship?

If so, we want to hear from YOU!

Escape the incessant babbling of local

Come and enjoy the quiet and tranquil* environment of null sec with us

The summer getaway you’ve been waiting for

* environment may not be fully silent until your pod is completely exploded

I have a spaceship!