At Bootstrap Mining we believe in a healthy work-life balance for all our colleagues

If you’re looking for a RL friendly corp to fly with the there are only 202 responses above this in this thread for you to read through before deciding we’re it!


I am stranded amongst one of the massive asteroid belts that is sprawling through our home space

Even my trusty battle venture cannot break me free!

Please send miners

Also please send combat pilots to protect the miners

And also please send salvagers to recover the wrecks of the combat pilots and miners

Oh and also send some industrialists to recycle the wreckage


I’ll save you reading this whole thread (although please feel free to do so if you enjoy that sort of thing…)

We live in NPC Null and specialise in industry, although we also have active PVP roams and some of our members engage in exploration and other PVE content extensively. We also have and active hisec corp which is war immune.

We are a mature, international group
Our membership is currently approximately 50% UK/EU, 40% US and 10% other timezones, although we are glad to welcome members of any nationality, gender, sexuality or religion who wish to join us in a mature and tolerant international corporation

We have great support systems
Our out of game systems and comms to allow us to keep in touch across varying timezones and play schedules. This includes a very sophisticated online store where members can order items to be built and delivered to them without the need to run shopping trips back to Jita (up to and including capital ships and T3) and where we will buy resources including ore, ice, salvage, PI and exploration materials from our members

We are happy to train new players and have a variety of experience levels within the corporation
We have new pilot training plans available and are keen to help new pilots learn and develop their skills

We are real life friendly
We run corporate operations on a strictly optional basis, and encourage these to be member-led rather than centrally directed

If you wish to apply, please do so at
All new applicants will be onboarded via Bootstrap High Sec, in order to avoid war losses in the dangerous “hisec” areas of space

I’m pleased to say that we have broken all very small number of spaceships over the last couple of weeks. If you’d like to help fix that please apply online!

Hisec and nullsec opportunities are available for people who are interested in a RL friendly corp

Do you know how space feels when you breathe it in deep?

At Bootstrap Mining we do!

Come join us and find out how you can float free in the void

Bootstrap Mining will be delighted to help players in all timezones learn how to make their ships explode
부트 스트랩 마이닝은 모든 시간대의 플레이어가 배를 폭발시키는 방법을 배우도록 기뻐할 것입니다.
Bootstrap Mining estará encantado de ayudar a los jugadores en todas las zonas horarias a aprender cómo hacer explotar sus naves
Το Bootstrap Mining θα χαρεί να βοηθήσει τους παίκτες σε όλες τις ζώνες ώρας να μάθουν πώς να κάνουν τα πλοία τους να εκραγούν
Bootstrap Mining sera ravi d’aider les joueurs dans tous les fuseaux horaires à apprendre à faire exploser leurs navires
Bootstrap Mining будет рада помочь игрокам во всех часовых поясах научиться взрывать свои корабли
Bootstrap Mining hilft Spielern in allen Zeitzonen gerne dabei, ihre Schiffe zum Explodieren zu bringen
سيكون من دواعي سرور Bootstrap Mining مساعدة اللاعبين في جميع المناطق الزمنية على تعلم كيفية جعل سفنهم تنفجر
Bootstrap Mining se potěší, když pomůže hráčům ve všech časových pásmech naučit se, jak jejich lodě explodují
Bootstrap Mining将很高兴帮助所有时区的玩家学习如何使其飞船爆炸
Bootstrap Mining kommer att glädjas över att hjälpa spelare i alla tidszoner att lära sig att få sina fartyg att explodera

Because fiery death is the universal language

Although it would also be helpful if you can at least read English since despite wishing I could I don’t actually speak all those languages :slight_smile:

We have members from over 25 countries - help us make it over 30!

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Did you know that eve is an mmo? mind blown right?!? well in mmo’s i hear that playing with friends makes it even better! It took me over a month to realize that nugget of truth and after being in BOOTS for over a year and a half I have to say that it was a great lesson to learn!

Come join us as we grow in eve together! Newbros welcome.


I agree with Falkine

And not even because of that envelope of cash I handed over. Not this time.

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As major sponsors of Eve London we are pleased to say that the event has gone really well so far

This seems interesting, so I have applied as well as providing this excellent bump, gratis!

Thankyou for your excellent bump!

You should have an invitation waiting for you

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Is this still an active Corp? I filled out the app

It certainly is, and apologies for the slight delay in getting to you… we’ve been averaging 30 applications per day this week and it’s a busy time of year for RL stuff too, but I think we are now up to date and you should have an invitation waiting for you

We remain open for business during the holiday season.

Our busy corporate elves will be mining ore in order to make presents.

But in Caldari tradition, recipients will of course be expected to pay a fair market value for their gifts. In cash. Upfront.

We accidentally blew up all our elves so now we need some more!

I hear that all your purchasing needs are at

Indeed they are! Thanks for pointing out our awesome online store where members can order up any of around 2000 product lines for home delivery!

I tried so I stopped, very friendly corp

Although we haven’t been promoting ourselves as actively for a while, we remain very much open for business

This is the 222nd message in this thread

It must signify that you want to join us…