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The glue’s melted again!

OK we’ve just made an exception to our work life balance rules. IF YOU ARE AN ADVERT I EXPECT YOU TO WORK HARDER AND STAY AT THE TOP OF THE BOARD!!! NOW GET BACK UP THERE!

For everyone else we are RL friendly

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Friday night bumpy bump

Recruitment is still open

It has come to my attention that this advert is no longer in prime position. Please be assured that this is no reflection on our interest in you, the reader.

We hope this has caused no inconvenience and that it has now been fixed.

Please return to the top. Thankyou.

Due to the continued popularity of membership, recruitment remains open!

Saturday. The best day of the week for joining a new corp. Probably.

Seems I have been lax in my bumpitude this week

We are still recruiting for both PVP and PVE / industrial pilots

Hi I’m looking for a newbro friendly corp. I’m fresh out the box looking for a bit of direction and happy to learn anything.

I’ve currently been mainly doing a bit of wh mining (by myself!) or exploring after doing the agency missions but not sure where I want to go next. I did join a corp but I don’t think it’s right for me and I’m in UK and they’re mainly US so never really anyone around to talk to.

I’d be happy to hear more; I’m quite casual (RL is a bitch) so if it would be a good fit I’d like to hear from you.

You sound like you’d be an excellent fit! I’ll message you in game

Training grants are now available for all new pilots, along with guided skill training plans

Now featuring a record 3 days without a lost venture!

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Days Since Lost Venture: 4

It has come to my attention that during recent days too much time has been spent on checking the Days Since Lost Venture count and not enough has been spent on keeping this advert on the top of the forum.

I am here today to tell you that I, Menegrith Venari, am here to remedy that sad state of affairs.

All hail the recruitment advert.

Recruitment remains open. Ventures are available for high velocity interface with incoming ordnance

Urgent : Due to an accidental increase in piloting skill we have too many ventures in our inventory. Pilots who can mishandle them or who can operate bomb launchers close to friendlies are urgently sought

We also have openings for pilots who can fly competently and operate safely in null sec

Excess venture stock has been successfully liquidated (and incinerated / shredded / atomised)

Positions remain open for pilots in all timezones to make stuff and break stuff