Attero Inc is looking for new members!

If you like small gang PvP or want to learn how give us a try. We cover all time zones! We understand that real life comes first and we ask that you do too. Most of our members have a demanding job, wife and/or children. We have a casual play style that’s fun and not serious or stressful. We’re English speaking (but English does not need to be your first language and we’re very understanding when it comes to spelling, grammar and accents).


Target rich environment
Comms is Discord
Plenty of ISK making opportunities

What kind of activities do we offer?

Gate Camps and Roams
Lowsec PvP
High-Sec War Decs 100+
Suicide Ganks
Occasional WH and Null PvP

What about my Indy Alts or PVE?

Covered just ask about this in pub or discord.

Who is in your player base?

Mid-twenties to fourty+ year olds / No teens
Wealthy Nerds that are determined to make our goals succeed
Majority of our members are 100m SP

Requirements to Join?

Minimum 25m SP
Newer players with a good grasp of the game’s mechanics and Vets are welcome to join.
Capital Pilots or Near Capital Pilots are most preferred, but not required.

Current Goals:

Continue to Expand High Sec Assets

Interested in Joining?

Join our Pub Channel = “Attero Pub”
Reach us on Discord =



uh huh

come join the fun!




Fun mature group! We’ve got everything from high-sec pvp to Abyssal, mining, and industrial. If there’s something in high/low sec you wanna do, we’ve got a place for you!

Don’t be shy! Find us in game and come chat with us.


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