[AUAR] Auxilia Armada is Recruiting - Hi Sec - Mainly EUTZ (Alpha Friendly)

We are a group of players with a specific set of goals to recruit and teach new players of NEW EDEN the ropes of this fantastic world.
:arrow_forward: Hi-Sec Based
:arrow_forward: PVE.
:arrow_forward: Mining + Boosts
:arrow_forward: Industry
:arrow_forward: Abyssal Running
:arrow_forward: Exploration
:arrow_forward: Small PVP fleets to teach new players
:arrow_forward: Experienced leadership
:arrow_forward: NEW PLAYER FRIENDLY!

:arrow_forward:In-Game Channel - .AA. Recruitment

Feel Free to Contact the Following in-game as well : Sukuru Mesaki or Luiperd Panther
South Africans Welcomed.

Still Recruiting

Still Recruiting

You guessed it, We are still recruiting!!!

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