AUCTION: 33.6m marauder pilot - golem and paladin


Amarr and caldari battleship 5 / marauder 4
10.4m in missiles
5.2m in drones
3.3m in gunnery
8.8b in pods (full highgrade asklepian and hydra set)

Lavacore armaggedon navy skin
Imperial jubillee paladin skin
Galnet golem skin

Auction ends Wednesday night
Min. Bid set at 25b
Buyout set at 40b

25B offer

28b offer

40b Buyout offered to close today!

Accepted, send isk and acc name

ISK and account name sent to Zar Gul.

ISK received will have to wait until daughters nap time to move some assets // should get transfer started in the next 3-4 hours or so-

np bud :slight_smile: ty for update!

Transfer initiated and will be completed after 4/24/2024 2:13:30 AM

Thank you and enjoy!

Character received, everything as it should be thanks you very much!