Auction: 48M SP Archon/logi/drones/subcaps

Looking for a price check / auction on this pilot:

Positive wallet
1 jump clone in Nullsec
Currently located in Null, can be moved to HS
No Killrights


Is this an offer?

Offering 38.5 billion, if you move it to HS :slight_smile:

Going to keep this open for another day or so.

bump, one more day.

39 bil


Last bump.

One more bump. Looking for 40, If not I’ll take the next lowest.

My offer still stands :slight_smile:

Sold to Pistar Umano.

Please send account info and isk. Thank you.

Hey, I’ve got the money ready, but first can you confirm from the character you are selling that he is being sold? Thank you.

P.S. Can you move character to HS? :slight_smile:

Confirming character, and character is also in highsec now.

Alrighty, money and acc info sent to Krimbo Solette :slight_smile:

Isk and info recieved, initiating transfer shortly.

transfer initiated. ty

Got the character, thanks!

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