Auction: 48M SP Archon/logi/drones/subcaps

(XXL Wolfshirt) #1

Looking for a price check / auction on this pilot:

Positive wallet
1 jump clone in Nullsec
Currently located in Null, can be moved to HS
No Killrights

(Investor Joe) #2


(XXL Wolfshirt) #3

Is this an offer?

(Perpetualed) #4

Offering 38.5 billion, if you move it to HS :slight_smile:

(XXL Wolfshirt) #5

Going to keep this open for another day or so.

(XXL Wolfshirt) #6

bump, one more day.

(TxivYawg1) #7

39 bil

(Pistar Umano) #8


(XXL Wolfshirt) #9

Last bump.

(XXL Wolfshirt) #10

One more bump. Looking for 40, If not I’ll take the next lowest.

(Pistar Umano) #11

My offer still stands :slight_smile:

(XXL Wolfshirt) #12

Sold to Pistar Umano.

Please send account info and isk. Thank you.

(Pistar Umano) #13

Hey, I’ve got the money ready, but first can you confirm from the character you are selling that he is being sold? Thank you.

P.S. Can you move character to HS? :slight_smile:

(Krimbo Solette) #14

Confirming character, and character is also in highsec now.

(Pistar Umano) #15

Alrighty, money and acc info sent to Krimbo Solette :slight_smile:

(Krimbo Solette) #16

Isk and info recieved, initiating transfer shortly.

(Krimbo Solette) #17

transfer initiated. ty

(Pistar Umano) #18

Got the character, thanks!

(system) #19

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