Now for sale! 53m SP obelisk, orca, archon and great Logi pilot!

Hi all, I am for sale. Check me out:-

Great shield Logi pilot which I trained for general support. Excellent basilisk skills for incursions etc.

Nice drone skills, can fly Amarr carrier. Can also fly obelisk, great at orca, cloaky transport ships and about 3 weeks training away from rorq.

Character is located in high sec, positive wallet and sec status. No KRs. 1 jump clone in 0.0

Bidding starts at 50b, B/O is 54b

I think he worth 58bil

Just as a heads up, the above is NOT a bid. Bidding still starts at 50bn

Bump to the top!

Bump! BO now 60b also.

40 bil

I want to bid 52B

Bump! Thanks for bids. Leading bid is 52b. Going to keep auction running for now

Bump! Highest bid still 52b it seems

Bump! Been away for a bit but still for sale…

Bump to the top. Looking for quick sale so will accept 54bn.

45 bil

46 billion

Many thanks for bids, but feel this guy is worth more. Still for sale

Bump! Offers around 50bn gratefully considered!


47 bil

Many thanks for the bid. I will accept the bid of 47 if no further offers come in before 17.00 eve time today.

Thanks, isk will be sent in 3 hours after you accept my offer

Apologies for the lateness, 47b bid is accepted. Please send isk in game and I will start transfer