WTS Obelisk pilot 3.6m sp

(Drak Far) #1


has a few basic implants.
3 remaps available.
located in high sec amarr trade hub
no kill rights
positive wallet

Navigation V
Spaceship Command V
Advanced Spaceship Command V
Gallente Freighter IV

no in game mail. post bids here please. need the empty slot so i can move a character from another account.

i pay transfer fee of course.

(Maladicta) #2

2b b/o

(Drak Far) #3


Highest big 2b

(Nemesis Ofyou) #4

2.1 b if u willing to wait till i sell my char – probably gonna hapen in 1-2 days

(Maladicta) #5

2.2 b

(Drak Far) #6

Highest bid 2.2B

Will sell to highest bidder in about 10 hours from this posting

(Frozen Dynamo) #7

2.8b if i can get ASAP, have some things to move this night in Eve.

(Caldari Citizen 90483085) #8

Offer retracted

(Frozen Dynamo) #9

I pass

(Drak Far) #10


(Frozen Dynamo) #11

I send you the isk and the account name for the pilot, 2.8b, with my banker.

I pass only for the 2.9 offer retracted but my 2.8 offer is up and valid

(Drak Far) #12

Message me in game

(Frozen Dynamo) #13

I do so with both my banker and this pilot in another machine and need disconnect after 40 min.

Seek me in the char who send the ISK, i need go offline with this but my hauler will be connected some hours more.

(Frozen Dynamo) #14

We spoke in my banker and i receive the transfer, thank you.

(Drak Far) #15

Character sold