WTS 7.3M Freighter Pilot - Obelisk

(Mina Stormborn) #1

WTS Myself, can fly Obelisk. Also have Gunnery 5, Missle Launcher 5, Gallente Freighter 5. Positive Wallet, located in JITA high sec. Starting bid 3B and will keep open for 3 days.


(Tekkaman) #2

4.2bn offer

(Ronni Ormand) #3


(Ishtar Specialist) #4


(Biz Wiz) #5

5.6b isk ready

(Kaitlyn Hibra) #6

6B buyout offer

(Ishtar Specialist) #7

6.5 no problem

(Mina Stormborn) #8

I accept, please send isk and account name ingame and I will begin transfer immediately for 6.5B

(Ishtar Specialist) #9

isk and acc info sent

(Mina Stormborn) #10

Received account info and isk, character transfer has begun, thank you for smooth service!

(system) #11

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