WTS 37.2mn SP PvP/PvE Pilot - 2008 Character

This character is for sale.

Bids start at 30Bn, usual rules apply.
Comes with no ISK/assets.

Perfect Loki Pilot
Genolutions CA1/2
3 Remaps Available

Sec Status -1.4 (can still travel high-sec 1.0)

25.5 bn

26B ISK ready

26.5 billion

27b offer

Daily Bump, would consider 28.5Bn.

Daily Bump would go for 28 today.

so 28bill it is

Accepted - Please transfer money and account the character is to be sent to.

acc info and 28bill isk sent to Brutor Corsair

I think you transfered wrong character

Another player is transferring the character luckyccs, i was expecting Brutor Corsair

I have made a mistake and selected the wrong character - i have created a support ticket!

ok waiting for problem to be solved

I have talked to GM Dan through the live chat and he has advised that the ticket has been created. I am awaiting a GM that deals with billing and account issues to look at this.

I have had a reply from the GM team and they state that this is all resolved. Sorry about the delay. I wish you all the best with Brutor, whatever you do with him!

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