WTS 30M Minmatar Pilot PVP focus

1.6M SP unassigned ~28M SP currently assigned
Great for FW or starting PVP
Fly Assault Frigs, Faction Frigs,
Can Fly loki*

18B buy out or best offer

10 bill

update, private message for 14.5B

Offering 14.25b

Accepted the 14.25B, be aware character is finishing his 24hr hold due to leaving corp. Will be transferred within 3 hours and once isk is received

@Zeke_au_Raa isk and info sent

ISK received and will transfer character. Should be through within an hour.

Transfer coming soon I hope?

Thank you so much for your time!

Character was transferred please confirm

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I got it thank you!

Please close this topic -sale is finished

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