WTS 35M Caldari/Minmatar Pilot

  • 34.94M Skillpoints / 306,000 are unallocated
  • positive wallet
  • in High-Sec
  • have no KillRights
  • member of an NPC Corporation
  • I receive the ISK, I pay the transfer


Post your offer here plz,Don’t send ingame mail

30B Offer

I ll give you 31B,accepted?

32B B/O

B/O Reduced to 35B

Daily Bump

33B Offer

34B offer

34.5B my last offer

Still selling?

Yes,First One Offer 35B will be accepted.
I ll check the topic every 24hrs

My latest offer is 35B.

35B B/O Accepted,Wait for Isk and account name
Ready for transfer

35B and account information have been sent, waiting for transfer.

Transfer Started

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