Auction Completed

If PW then 1234

13 mIllion Skill Points + additional 250k unallocated skill points.

Character can Fly Orca and has Mining drone V and spec at IV

Remap available 2018.10.31 + 1 bonus remap

  • Exhumers at V
  • Can fly Caldari Industrial & Frieghter

Sec Status 0.0
No Kill Rights!
Positive Wallet
NPC Corp
Located in Itamo NPC station (2 Jumps from Jita)
All CCP rules apply

Starting Bid : 5 Bill
B/O : 9.5 Bill

Auction ends Sunday 6pm eve time

Starting the bidding at 5b

Thanks for the Bid.

I’ll bid 5.5b.

Countering with 6b.

Paying 6.5b

Pushing it, but I can still do 7b

Paying 7.3b


Obviously not…

7.5b bid

8 bil bid

8,5 b bid

Gah, 8.75b

B/O and auction end date added.

9.5b b/o

B/O accepted if you would like to contact me in game.

money and account info have been sent

Agreed the money has been sent and account info given also. I am proceeding.

OK input details and paid for the trf. Have you got notification?