[Auction] Jackdaw Propulsion Mode

not the place for your crying bro, but thanks for the free bump

I’m the guy who gave you that shiny 0/0 atron bpc when you were trying to scam me out of a fully researched mega BPO. Not crying, just calling you out as a scammer.

Serenity posted the exact same post two years ago:

The laziness of the scam is almost insulting. Be Better

bump for the day

still for sale, please ignore trolls, seems moderation is lacking here


No rule saying you can’t get called out.


seriously? now ISD supports harassment and trolling?

its not a scam , its a legitimate sale thread being trolled

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Yeesh, some people can’t just let a man sell his meme item


S.c.a.m.m.e.r. ALERT


The BPC is worth less than Quafe… I’d literally would rather take some Trit. I’m wondering who scammed who here. Deets, man, deets.

@ISD_Dorrim_Barstorlode ouch man it was nice knowing you. Such a pleasure, an honor, even. The world needs moderating… the world needs YOU… May whichever forums you land upon be moderated toward greener pastures, cleaner air, and more magnificent sunrises and sunsets. This chapter has closed… but the story of Dorrim Barstorlode has only just begun. You are a beacon of hope in an otherwise bleak and dreary world!!! God speed, Barstorlode! God speed!


If this is a scam… @Imperial_Contracts tell us the storyyy since this thread isn’t a legitimate sales ad and Barstorlode is, per slander post, less inclined to keep it cleaned up :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m not sure but scams are allowed only in game not in forums right?

The only scams that are not allowed are Character Bazaar scams. Those are dealt with swiftly.


this isnt a scam

Thank you

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In fairness Serenity is correct. This is not a scam. Scams require some semblance of thought. This is a meme.

One day Serenity Fireater messaged me about buying my fully researched Mega BPO for PLEX. Sounded good to me as I had recently listed it on public contracts and a fast sale would be nice. Isk or PLEX doesn’t matter to me. Then ol’ Firepooper started saying she wants a station trade as public and private contracts create a record and she wants to remain anonymous. [Alarm bells are ringing, Willy] In the trade window she puts in a plastic wrap renamed “X Amount of PLEX”. I check with a few people on AT discord to confirm, Serenity Firecroch is indeed a well-known scammer. I troll her a bit longer playing the idiot, negotiating for more PLEX, getting her hopes up. Finally I agree on a price, open the trade window, drop in my precious 0/0 Atron BPC, and click accept. I have never seen someone accept a trade so quickly. Cue the laughter and mocking in private chat, Serenity bails after some half-hearted response.

Happy ending to my story, the BPO sells a few days later on public contracts and everyone who actually matters in this story gets what they want.

The End


5B, please contract to my alt cheryl swindle

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6b pretty cool item