[Auction] Jackdaw Propulsion Mode

5B, please contract to my alt cheryl swindle

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6b pretty cool item

if serious offer the contract i up @Samuel_Fox

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doesn’t respect b/o’s, a scams a scam

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dude offered me 6b, fine i will respect buyout since im assuming the 6b a troll anyways

contract up to cheryl swindle like you stated

excuse me if im wrong samuel fox, but this thread has turned into a mess since lack of moderation

@Achura_Deteis contract is up to your alt like you asked me to for 5b

since both obvious troll offers and neither person accepted contract or took chat,

item is still for sale

Posting here to harass the OP after having seen her other thread. :rofl: :rofl:

hey why not? moderators dont want to do there jobs, biased much?

OP still has not addressed the following:

Archer is a collectors item left over from years ago hence why you cannot search for it, read the link in the OP

It’s open season.

yeah its sad so biased, it doesn’t matter if i m hated or not, the fact mods refuse to enforce rules because im not liked is a new LOW

Here’s the worlds smallest violin.

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