[Auction] - 'Pacifier' Large Remote armor repairier- Legacy item, "NO FALLOFF"

I recently acquired 3 of them.

nearly same fitting to peace reps (30 cpu, 500 grid)

seems they have no falloff at all, i am not sure if even can be used"

i cant find info of them anywhere and no idea the value.

as far as i know , no other ones exist.

Auction will run for 5 days

start bid - 500 million isk

reserve- 1 b

buyout 10b

bump for nice rare item

daily bumPeroo

500m bid

600 mil

I found out the reprocess value is 750m of things at 50% in jita 4 4…

keep bidding :smiley:

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1 billion

1,1b …

1.2 bil

1,3 bil.



highest bidder at 1,5B

there is like 8 hours left all get bidding if you want its!!

Zorin Firestone wins, contract made to you!

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