(Auction) Tatara BPC ME0/PE0

Auction for my first run copy of the large refinery which will be ready in a little over 3 days.


Starting bid 1 bill.
Increments, 100 mill.
Reserve hidden (Will confirm when met)

Auction will end 22:00 eve time Friday with the BPC ready to collect in Jita. Sniper rule 15 mins.

Happy bidding everyone!

1 bil

It appears that I can no longer read forum sub-section headers. Could someone from ISD be kind enough to move my thread to the correct forum? Pretty please with a cherry on top?

just a casual bump to the top

Surely there must be more interest than this is this fine piece of structural engineering design!

up we go

Final bump

Pre-selling rarely works, because if the highest bid is below market value when they finish, the seller just puts up a contract, and if the bid is below market, the buyer goes to the market instead.

That said, if you really are looking to pre-sell it, ill bid 1.25b

So I won?

you did, sorry, i’ve had a mental weekend with RL, will put the contract up now…

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