AUS and UK 0.0 Industry/Mining/Small gang PVP

AUSTRALIAN & UK timezone

Come join the LIVOF family and be part of a close knit bunch of great people who enjoy all aspects of EvE!

Get rich living in 0.0 space and collaborate with other likeminded people!

➣ 0.0 Mining & Industry
➣ AUS and UK TZ
➣ Part of large alliance
➣ Moon/Ice/Ore/Gas mining
➣ Mining fleets
➣ Reactions/Manufacturing/Research & Invention
➣ 0.0 Ratting & Exploration
➣ Low tax Planetary interaction
➣ Casual small gang PVP
➣ 0% tax & buy backs
➣ Casual

Eve mail Marco Cvarvicii or join our channel: LIVOF Recruitment

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