AUS Based Mining/Industry Corp wants PVP Pilots and Miners

Greetings Comrades,

Insidious Collective is seeking PVP pilots to protect join our Security Division protecting sovereignty in high, low and null-sec space in conjunction with allied corporations.

There will be a short interview as part of the application process.

A hanger stocked with military ships will be provided for corporation and personal use.
Also a reward system will be used allowing pilots to cash in kills in corp space for rewards.

Pilots will be asked to spread out around corporation space and kill negative/neutral standing pilots.

Beyoind this you will be asked to help with securty at mining operations.

Greetings, Comrades.

We are looking for loyal Comrades to join our fight to sieze control of the arms dealing business in the Devoid region.

Our products are made with 100% materials gathered by our corporation, allowing us to sell in bulk at lower prices, as well as outfit public hangers with ships and supplies for our members to use.

Australia based, but all time zones welcome.


There will be an interview process before an application is accepted.

Successful applicants will be assigned to the Mining Division and will be required to attend one weekly fleet mining operation.

Full access to corporation industrial assets will be provided for corporation and personal use.

Members will also be able to earn bonuses with our rewards program through turning in ores outside of fleet mining operations, and contributing towards keeping our space clear of enemies of the corporation.

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