Aussie LF null pvp corp

Hi all,

Have been playing this game on and off for years and I am looking to come back from a little break.
Have spent most of my career in hi-sec and low-sec, and I am wanting to give null a try.

Fairly new to pvp, so I am after a corp with the patience to teach. Have the sp to fly a fair few different ships so getting into doc ships shouldn’t be an issue.

Look forward to hearing from you all :slight_smile:

Hey Zlatorg!

Take a look at my ad for IoT:

We hjave a few aussies already in the corp. Drop by our discord and say hello!

My corp would love to have you join we don’t have other Aussies but we have quite a few west coast players that stay up all night.

We do lots of small gang pvp stuff all the time for those who want to get into pvp most of the time ships are provided by the corp. such as atrons.

we also have all the normal stuff any null sec bloc has like srp for pvp doctrine ships

but really our main goal is just to make sure everyone is having fun.
Link below has more info about the corp and our contact info or you can just reply in this same thread we are currently in

we would love to talk to you to see to see if we could be a good home for you.

Thank you for the interest guys. So far I haven’t found any corps that seem suitable at the moment. Wanting to join a corp with a strong aussie presence (that way I know there will be content available during my play time) and some good null pvp (preferrably smaller scale at this point).

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Maybe you should look at Evian Industries, We are looking for new Capsuleers of nearly all experience levels.

Newbro and BitterVet friendly, We don’t require much; but an SEAT is needed. A background check will be performed. We want people who want to work as part of a team, to forge something bigger together!

We operate in Nullsec. We are mainly an Industrial corp, doing ratting, mining, PI, building and a little PvP.

We try to have different fleets up whenever we can. Our members range from longtime players to new players.

We have a mature and friendly community with a relaxed atmosphere. All time zones are welcome and we are the sort that understand that RLl comes first. We have members in both US, EU and Aussie TZ

We can offer comms, slack, Ship Replacement Program on alliance ops, PVE and small pvp fleets, a BluePrint Copy program and a Buyback Program for Ore and Salvage

We are looking to expand our pvp effort in corp and alliance, More pilots helping with teaching and flying in fights would be great. If you want to be part of this join our public channel “Evian Ind Recruitment” so we can start to get to know each other (mentioned you have been contacted, or contact “Dixie Diamond WhiteSamoyed” ingame)

Evian Industries

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